Writing Samples

The following samples showcase the various writing styles I have done since January 2008.

Disclaimer: I created many of these writing samples for present and past journalism classes. Except for the APO news releases, the following samples are not intended to represent the organization described. They are for academic purposes only.

Feature Article: Oregon Ultimate Pursues National Title

I wrote this feature article for Oregon Ultimate during the 2008 season.

Shareholder Letter: Starbucks

This is a mock shareholder letter for Starbucks’ 2006 fiscal year.

Social Media Release: Payne Awards

This social media release focuses on Ashley Gough, a winner of the 2008 Payne Awards. It includes videos, photographs, search engine tags and hyper links in addition to information normally found within a press release.

Article for Jezebel Music

This is my first submission for a music Web site, Jezebel music. The article is about Barry Gitarts who is the first person criminally sentenced for sharing music online.

APO News Release for Potluck in the Park

APO Radio News Release for Potluck in the Park

I wrote the above two news release for a student-run service organization, Alpha Phi Omega. The event, Potluck in the Park, helped feed and clothe homeless people in the Eugene area.

Public Service Announcement for EWEB

This is my attempt at writing several public service announcements for EWEB, the utility provider in Eugene. The announcements focus on informing the public of Greenpower, a cleaner technology that EWEB offers to Eugene residents.


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